A new chapter and some old ground

Only two players really does limit the scope of some adventures so the pair were given a choice of Warrior, Scout, Ranger combination. This will give the potential of grunt in the early stages and the ability to disarm traps and locks without dying immediately. To give the adventures are more favourable start we also ignored level 1 and 2 as this really does limit the chances to have interesting plot lines.

Although when we chatted as a group we realised that we had forgotten much of the details of the adventures we had played in the past. We decided to play in the region of Ered Luin, during the fall of Arthedain, a region we have not played. This will give sufficient wild lands to explore, but also a decent level of civilization to fall back on for political intrigue.

To keep things ticking over we are going to use “Rogues of the Borderlands” as the reference resource (good grief they go for how much on Ebay?!!). We still have demanding day jobs, and life doesn’t have a lot of space for creating scratch campaigns. But we should be able to manage something once every three months.

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