Who we are and where we are from

The players gathered eagerly around the table. It has been less than half a life-time since we played, but it might as well have been two life-times. Both these players have run their own campaigns and games. They have been successful GMs with a range of people wanting to join in the fun. They might as well have had no experience the way they  peered confused at the range of abilities and Stats. “Where is my hits?”

“How do I know I can move in chain?”

“Is this stat good?”

Suddenly, my rustiness in rolling several characters with a blend of skills didn’t seem so bad.

Soon the choices were made. An unusual pairing I have to say, but they chose them, and although the blend of skills is not perfect it could work.
Photo: The adventurers have travelled to the small town of Culwic and taking residence in the "Two rivers" inn. The back story is that this unlikely pairing formed sometime ago in the southern foothills of Ered Luin. It was clear to Pick that he was in need of a companion to help him seek out treasure. Such a companion would need to be ignorant of the true value of the ores and items he really sought. In Limolas he had found the mother lode, not only did Limolas not appreciate the value of such things he was never likely to find out. In fact, PIck now has the perfect companion who will be happy with small trinkets and will, in general, accept all of his suggestions. It has also confirmed Picks long held belief that elves are indeed half-wits. Limolas on the other hand is delighted to have a companion who can help him navigate the world. Who will help him gain the means to get the finer things in life and who is carrying cash that reduces his need to do menial labour.Elven ranger – Limolas strengths in subterfuge but can generally be thought of as at the back of the queue when the brains were handed out. Limolas’ main concern is looking good and ….oh shiny things!

Dwarven warrior – Pick Strengths in body development. He is able to stand up in a battle soaking up damage and drawing attention. His interests are in the deep dark places and the treasures held therein.

There are slight problems in a dwarf and an elf pairing outside a large party, but its not unheard of. It became apparent straight away that Pick was going to be the brains in the outfit and Limolas was never going to be bright enough to notice. This means that I am going to have plenty of fun reminding players to stay in role. I think both players need to see “Of Mice and Men” to get a feel for the power balance. It does mean that although Limolas only confirms Pick’s prejudices against Elves. Limolas really doesn’t understand what the fuss is about.


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