First I must say I owe a debt of gratitude to Tommi Salama’s “Coldwater” map as the starter and providing various features that were adapted to create the final map. Also a note of thanks to Dyson for the cave map that became the smuggler’s caves. It is a real time saver to have people who are happy to draw maps. Fine pencil/pen work is not my strong point. As such I am in the process of buying up maps as a support to these map resources and I encourage you to do this as well. The featured image from Wallpaperup was the final part of the image puzzle.

The River Town was always going to be dominated by Rivermen (Northman lineage stock), who would need linguistically to be similar Old English/Saxon style of the Rohirrim. I decided to adopt Norwegian to avoid the names sounding over familar, but still make the setting sound authentic.

Elvenbyen “Riverton”

On the great river Lhun, in a small valley carved by the passage of the Laughing brook, is the small town of Elvenbyen (Westron Riverton). The sole purpose of the small town is as a transit point for goods of Numeriador across or down the river Lhun to Caras Celairnen. A man-made harbour shelters warehouses and pontoons from which Guild approved riverboats load and unload.

Guild politics are important in Elvenbyen with various Riverman families controlling the passage of goods and people up and down the Lhun. The the Laug av Vannmennen (Watermen’s Guild) has negotiated paying a guild levied tax to Arthedain and this appears to have allowed the small town to operate outside of any other claim.

The flow of goods through the port is heavily from the Numeriador. Raw materials sent to Arthedain via the marsh port of Caras Celairnen such as coal, wood, hides, and ores, but also occasional items crafted in the Dwarven cities of the Blue Mountains. Returning goods are mostly what is required to support the survival of Rivermen and the Dwarves. These include wheat and grain and goods manufactured to a high standard (+5). In addition, there are the occasional luxury goods supplied from the Caras Celairnen through its trade links with Gondor and Harad.

As with every frontier town, life can be a little rough round the edges. There are plenty of taverns and inns to supply the needs of trappers and traders who overwinter in the town. Black markets attempt to avoid the enforcing eye of the Guilds and smugglers attempt to avoid paying too much tax. Beware the adventurers who make themselves look too much like an easy mark!


Klanenherre (Vannmennen) Asbjørn Persson

Government Guild council

Population 250 (249 Riverman, 1 Dunadan)

Affiliations Neutral

Languages Westron, Northman, Dunedain

Civ index Corruption 30 Crime 30 Economy 80 Law 50 Lore 10 Society 80

Qualities Trade, transport,  strategic location, prosperous

Danger  30% Disadvantages Guild town – smugglers – tax collection

Notable Folk

The population of Elvenbyen are Riverman through and through, although a few adventuresome folk of other races are to be found. The main focus of the small town is the transportation of goods either across the river to the Marsh road or down river to Caras Celairnen. Control of the town is strictly through the Laug av Vannmennen (Watermen’s Guild) with some influence from the Laug av Handelsmenn (Trader’s Guild).viking trader

Asbjørn Persson (Loc 16/1 Northman lvl 8). The head of the Persson traders and current Klanenherre (Guildmaster) of the Vannmennen.  The Persson family are the richest of the Riverman families and historically occupy the post of Klanenherre. Asbjørn cuts an imposing figure at 6’2” in tooled leather Riverman dress. He rarely, travels the river now, leaving that to his three sons. He is a shrewd merchant, and the current tariffs are set at a point where he feels the market will bear the cost. Of course he knows about the smugglers and tolerates them on a small scale but if they overstep the mark the guild levy will be sent in. The Klanenherre believes in swift and harsh justice.

Håvard Ivarsen (Loc 16/3  Northman lvl 6)  head of the Ivarsen river family. Second richest family after the disaster that befell the Rolfsons.  Håvard is a broad-faced with a tendency to run to fat. His cold blue eyes bely the openness of his features. He has the closest connections with the traders Guild, and uses this influence to channel as much trade towards his boats. Unfortunately, he is not as shrewd as Asbjørn, and despite the fixed rates is less successful in his business dealings.

Stein Rolfson (Loc 16/2  Northman lvl 8) head of the Rolfson River clan; a sturdy hardworking Northman with lines of grief around his eyes and sorrow in his heart. Two of his sons took a risky run early this season down the river. The river flow was strong, but both were skilful enough to navigate its currents. However, disaster befell them and both boats were lost.

Vegard Thorsen (Loc 15/4 Northman lvl 6) Head of the Thorsen River clan. Unusually, dark-haired with sharp weather-beaten features, Vegard is bent ruthlessly on raising his family’s fortunes. To this end he is the most open of the Vannmennen to private chartering

Kåre Arnesen (Loc 5 Nothman lvl 5) is a big hearted individual with a ready laugh and an open hand. Round the taverns and inns he is well known. A successful chandler he supplies many of the boats and has good contacts with both the Vannmennen and the traders. This open friendliness is all a front as he is also the head of the smugglers who operate out of the area. He is able to launder the profits through his chandlery. Any attempt to expose his operations or to muscle in on them will be met with extreme force. Of course Kåre will be nowhere near any of the unpleasantness unless a very strong message needs to be sent.

Oddvar Toreson (Loc 6/17 Northman lvl 7) Dressed in fine furs and with weasel features you would not expect Oddvar to be the first choice of Klanenherre for the Laug av Handelsmenn (Guild of Traders).  He is however, a very shrewd negotiator and has a reputation of driving a hard bargain. For this reason Rivermen use him to regularly negotiate contracts with Dundadan of Caras Celairnen.

Pål Roarsen (Loc 7 Northman lvl 5) A large bull of a man and landlord of the Røyskatt (Stoat). He takes care of his ales and rooms and is careful with his clientele. Beware trouble makers.

Kristian Larsson (Loc 8 Northman lvl 5) Honest of face and of a burly build. Kristian runs the ørret (Trout) a haunt frequented by many of the local Rivermen, particularly those who run cargoes from the north and know the backwaters well. It is a rough place with cheap communal board for those who wish to stay. Fights are frequent, but Kristian and his bar staff soon clear the trouble makers into the street. For the right price he can put you in contact with specialist navigators.

Trond Bjarnesen (Loc 9 Northman lvl 3) A thin weasly man with greasy hair held up in a top knot. His wiry frame is covered in tattoos. He is the landlord of the Yppig blondine (Buxom blonde) probably the most dangerous inn of Elvenbyen. Although the dregs of the town and the surrounding countryside frequent the inn Trond is not wise enough, not has enough leverage to put the resources to good use.

Sindre Steinsson (Loc 10 Northman lvl 4) A handsome young man who looks every inch a warrior and is indeed the model for the painting that hangs above the entrance to the Kriger (Warrior). He is a fraud and a cheat in every sense of the word.

Leif Eriksson(Loc 11 Northman lvl 8) The landlord of the Blåfjell (Blue Mountain) is a non-descript Riverman who many immediately forget. He doesn’t stand out in a crowd, he is polite enough, generous enough, but not particularly memorable. This is just the way he likes it. Leif runs a black market operation from his cellar dealing in herbs and potions not readily available on the open market. He pays a cut to Kåre to avoid any trouble.

Håvard Håvardsen (Loc 12 Northman lvl 5) A careworn face wrapped in a hooded cloak of green. The injured and sick are brought to him for healing and he never turns one away. Although he has no magic he has a wide ranging knowledge of herbs and often forages for them in the surrounding countryside.

Ingborg Jørnsen (Loc 13 Northwoman lvl 4) A plump bustling riverwoman who runs one of the outfitters in Elvenbyen. She is always cheery and appears to have many nieces who help with the repair of garments.

Morten Viggosson (Loc 14 Dunadan lvl 6) Despite his claim to be a Northman, (he was raised in a Riverman family near Culwic), Morten is of Dunadan descent. An orphan he has always felt isolated and this has led to his dark brooding personality. Quite frankly all will recommend him as the best guide in the area to get rid of his sour looks. He is competent but don’t get into trouble as he won’t be able to help.

Gunnar Gunnarsen (Loc 14 Northman lvl 4) Scarred and dressed in tattered leathers it is easy to assume that this man is the best frontiersman, fighting wild bears and such. Gunnar has in fact been unfortunate in one too many knife fights in town. He is still a competent guide.Female archer

Hilde Signesdottir (Loc 14  Northwoman lvl 8) A tall and with a sturdy frame and thick features Hilde would never be considered a beauty for her looks, but more than one man has asked for her hand in marriage. Hilde is immensely practical and a skilled ranger. Amongst those in the know she is the best guide and ranger in town.

Einar Håvardsen (Loc 15/16/17 Northman lvl 8)Grim-faced and battled scarred, Einar dresses in chainmail and carries a large battleaxe strapped to his back. At his side are two axes that can be used in hand to hand or thrown. The head of the Laug Milits (Guild Militia) he ensures that good order is kept in town.


Based on elements from Village Backdrops Raging Swan Press
  1.  Persson residence. Sitting high above Elvenbyen sheltered from the prevailing winds and weather this impressive, white-washed two story mansion is protected by a low wall. Inside a drive way allows carriages to turn and a small stable and coach house stand either side of the gate. To the rear a small kitchen garden.
  2. Rolfson residence. At the end of a long drive almost the last house before the river stand a long low building that ends in a three story tower that looks out over the river.  Eaves and shutters are decorated with wave and river motifs, and the house is in general good order, but windows and doors are shuttered tight. Most of the Ivarsen business is now conducted at a nearby warehouse at the main docks. The private jetty remains unused.
  3. Ivarsen Residence. Despite the obvious elegance of the long house and the extensions there is something down at heel about this house. Perhaps it is the paint is not white enough or the shutters appear to be inexpertly painted. Three jetties sit in front of this house the largest serves Persson craft the others were built by Rolfson almost like dogs curling at the master’s feet.
  4. Thorsen Residence. A moderately decorated long house with one wing sits almost alone the last house before the difficult, rocky river bank to the north. To be sure the owners of this house are above the standard Rivermen, but the house does not have the finery of the big three house.
  5. Arnesen Chandlers. Standing opposite the ørret is a veranda fronted emporium of all things to do with river craft and boats. Above the veranda is a sign proclaim “Arnesen”. Arnesen has no direct family, but does employ male assistants to help with sales and delivering stock. You will find everything from trail rations and rope to tarps and oil. If it is to do with travelling the rivers then you can find it here.
  6. Toreson residence. A well-built and finely decorated with painted eaves and a well-tended surrounds. Tonje the wife of Oddvar and his three daughters and infant son live here.
  7. Røyskatt (Stoat) On the road into the valley that shelters Elvenbyen is a plain inn with the sign of a stoat hanging above the door. Lean to stables round the back allow for visitors beasts to be sheltered. The main door is painted a dull red. The inn looks quiet and homely. Inside you will find decent beer with plain but nourishing food and a clean bed, all at a reasonable price.
  8. Ørret (Trout). Opposite the Chandlers is a large building that would appear to have seen better days. Although on closer inspection an observant PC will notice that the windows and doors are securely fitted and really it is the woodwork that is need of a little paint and protection. The interior matches the shabby exterior, with one large bar/lounge in which Rivermen pilots and navigators congregate between times out on the river. Food is cheap and lodging is communal (-25% ). Beer and drinks are +10% base cost.
  9. Yppig blondine (Buxom blonde). A gaudy sign showing a buxom blonde with hair in pig tails leering over the top of an ale jug makes this inn appear very appealing. The whitewashed walls and dark wooden door hint at a fun place to spend an evening. The inn itself is filled with the dregs of Elvenbyen and this should be apparent on entering. Tables and chairs are made of sturdy stuff and the beer is passable. Be careful who you insult and don’t flash the cash.
  10. Kriger (Warrior). This fine large inn has many features to recommend it to the more discerning traveller. The main door features a frieze of a great hero conquering a hoard of Orcs or some other foul beast. Inside the main bar area is bedecked with red hanging cloths some of velvet (but only where you would notice). The bed chambers are equally well furnished. As expected the charges are above the average +25%. However, the beer is watered and the wine is cheap. The cheapest cuts of meat are used in the cooking and the beds are not as clean as they should be. Sindre rather overspent on outfitting and now needs to recoup costs.
  11. Blåfjell (Blue Mountain) Off the main road, North of the bridge towards the mill, is a plain and ordinary inn. The exterior is clean and well maintained and this appears to be a drinking establishment used by the locals. There is nothing out of the ordinary to the casual observer. However, stake out the inn and you may find a small black market in exotic spices.
  12. Hospice. A single L shaped building consists of two small rooms that serve as the study and sleeping quarters for Håvard Håvardsen, kitchen, herb preparation room, and one long ward for long-term patients.
  13. Jørnsen Outfitters. Conviently situated opposite Laug av Handelsmenn is a two story building with two main doors and unusually large window spaces. In these windows are various examples of needlework and clothing, examples of which can be seen worn by the wealthier townsfolk. Very pretty women and a few gentlemen will attend to your every desire.
  14. Wilderness house. A simple wooden structure sits to oneside of the main road. Several cloaked figures lounge outside if the weather is fair. Some will be mending equipment. A fire is always burning inside the main hall. Around the hall hammocks and bedrolls are spread out beside backpacks and equipment. Anyone seeking a guide will be advised to ask at this house.
  15. Laug Milits house. A typical L shaped longhouse sits on the main route down into Elvenbeym. Outside sit two militia men dressed in rigid leather armour with spears propped against the wall and shields hanging from hooks above. Inside is a large communal sleeping room with a fire for cooking (there is always a stewpot on the go). A second pair of rooms that can only be entered through a separate locked external door are reserved for Einar and serve as his office and bedroom. Up to 10 militia men might be resident although a levy can be called in times of trouble.
  16. . Laug av Vannmennen. Upon entering the town down the valley road this building is clearly the most important one in town. It is the largest, and ornately decorated with scenes of river life and tales of Rivermen of legends. Three large buildings appear to have been merged into one great complex, or perhaps the two smaller were later additions. Personal office space for all guildmembers takes one wing and the other is designed for visitors to come and negotiate contracts for cargo to be shipped or passage to be booked. As such the public must enter through the grand main entrance fully 8ft high into the atrium area, where then can glimpse at the great feast hall before being ushered into the public offices. The feast hall is a very grand affair with a high table on a dias and rows of tables with benches and the occasional well carved chair. Candelabras lit with oil lamps hang from the vaulted ceiling, which like the outside of the building is carved with fabulous friezes.
  17.  Laug av Handelsmenn. The other major building that is immediately noticeable on the way into town is the trader’s guild hall. Sitting like the thinner sister next to its fatter more opulent sibling it is still an impressive building. The main entrance leads onto the public offices where trade deals are done in a series of small booths. A tax is charged for striking a deal here, but payment is assured and to default would have disastrous consequences. Private offices are in a two story tower from which the wily traders can see the arriving caravans and boats. A smaller feast hall lies beyond the public trade hall. It is as fine as that in the Waterman’s hall, but on a smaller scale.
  18. Mill. A modest mill sits upstream from the town. Imported grain is ground into bread for the inhabitants of the town.
  19. Smugglers cove. Of course it is just called the bay. But look very closely and you might notice something amiss on the rocky shore. A small inlet leading into a cave allows the smugglers craft to unload unseen by the casual observer. There is a 5% chance of catching smugglers on any random day.
  20. Secret exit from smugglers cove. A very well hidden exit allows the smugglers to distribute goods around town to various vendors or to traders who are to transport the goods from the town out into the wilderness of Numeriador.
  21. Baker. You pass a small house with a brick chimney stack. The rich aroma of fresh bread hangs in the air.
  22. Warehouse and boatyards. A mix of boat sheds close to the water and warehouse at the water’s edge and further back. Dark alleys abound and at night the area is devoid of people apart from the odd Laug Millits patrol.
  23. Winter Camp ground Depending on the time of season this is either a quiet empty field used for common grazing or a loud an raucous encampment. It is why the Laug  Milits barrack are on this level and not in town.
  24. The falls  A small series of cascades drop the Laughing Brook into the town. In winter this can often freeze and is used in ice climbing challenges by bored Rivermen.

Elvenbyen Smuggler caves


Smuggler’s caves

  1. Hidden entrance (-50 from the bank, -30 on the river)
  2. Storeroom (locked -10, trapped -10 [per -10]) The room contains and oversized sack containing one bolt of blue silk and one bolt of red silk. Each bolt contains enough material for five cloaks and is worth 5 gp weighs 25lb. To the right is a steel door.
  3. Storeroom (locked -30 trapped -20 [per -30]) Behind the door are two coffers.  The small dark wood coffer contains 12 small packets of exotic incense. The coffer is worth 2 gp and each packet is worth 1 gp. The lid of the other small coffer is sealed with white wax. The coffer feels light if picked up as if it were empty. In reality, it contains ten sealed packets of exotic spices—each sealed with wax and stamped with a seal depicting a stylised sailboat. The whole is worth 15 gp.
  4. Main storage and transit area. You step into a large cavern that goes round itself. Several passages lead off either up or down. It contains 20 large casks of cracked salt worth 1 gp each.
  5. A large cage contains a beaten and starved baby Great Eagle destined to be the plaything of a noble obsessed with owning the most exotic mounts. Although caged and maltreated the Great Eagle is still a proud, violent predator. Characters getting too close to the cage could be in for a shock. The cage is locked (-10). Anyone with beast languages or animal mastery skills could attempt to talk to the beast and arrange its release.
  6. Storage area A small cavern that contains several large barrels of middling to fair quality red wine. One of which contains a secret. Hidden within—in a waterproof sack—are three scrolls of Life keeping. The wine itself is worth 1 gp to a tavern or similar establishment
  7. Special storage area. A stout wooden door prevents entry. It has no lock, but a large latch is protected by a piece of string. Inside the cavern a lidless chest holds six large clay jars packed with straw. Each of the jars holds peaches steeped in whisky. A current favourite among the local nobility, each jar is worth 20 gp. A wooden case contains six bottles of exquisite elven wine; each is worth 20 gp—even the bottles are delicate works of art
  8. Normal storage This cave smells musty several sacks lie piled to one side. They contain a mix of fur pelts. Among the more common wolf, fix and rabbit pelts is a full Glutani and a thick, gorgeous winter wolf pelt. Each of these atypical pelts are worth 25 gp, while the others are worth a total of 25 gp
  9. Slope up to hidden exit. The hidden exit is protected by a simple trip wire trap +30 spot +20 disarm. This sends a signal that the tunnel has been discovered to Thorsen and the smugglers.

Market Place

Tariffs for river journeys to be added

Base value  1SP Purchasing limit 10GP Spell casting 5th
Minor items


Major items


Following items for sale


Black Market

+2 spell adder

+10 DB magic ring


Black Market

+20 magic whip

Black Market


Small town Lore

0 -50 Elvenbyen is a small port at the mouth of the Laughing Brook. It has a man-made harbour to shelter riverboats loading and unloading goods

50 – 120 Elvenbyen is a Guild town with a strict tariff structure enforced by the guild of watermen. The prices are high, but the service is guaranteed. Nominal taxes are paid by the Guild on behalf of members to Arthedain.

120 Passage up and down the river can be arranged discreetly by the right people with no questions asked.


Blonde haired and blue eyed, the Northman of Elvenbyen dress in muted tones; favouring leathers that are practical for both the cold and wet weather of Ered Luin. Working gear predominates, but one or two senior figures are marked by finer dress. A warm welcome is extended to all who are prepared to pay for the services they use. Like all ports, there are criminal elements who are less welcoming and visitors should take care when strolling around docks and unlit dark alleys.

Elves are viewed with suspicion and they will sign themselves in public against the evil enchantments.

Whispers and rumours

Make a diplomacy, investigation type check to discover rumours. Roll 1d10 for each success.


  1. Smugglers are running cargoes of spices to the dwarven cities
  2. In the Marsh just across the river, to north of Caras Celairnen lives a tribe of Marsh Goblins who smother themselves in mud to survive daylight
  3. The watchtower in the marsh contains a great treasure but is guarded by magic
  4. A group of elves have taken residence in the nearby forest and are enchanting innocent men
  5. The Alabaster queen of Caras Celairnen has a frog for a husband
  6. Håvard Ivarsen sabotaged the Rolfson boats leading both to sink *
  7. Guild rumour
  8. Spy rumour
  9. House of ill repute rumour
  10. Vengeance rumour

*False rumours

Adventure links

RangerHoegwar campaign links as a transit point. You may wish to use this as a way of providing information of characters. If pursuing key characters then they will have left on a charter down river. Unwanted PCs from Road less travelled could be the cause of disappearances in the nearby woods.

Marsh adventure Although the Frog Idol marsh trawl should be left there is still scope for the adventurers being paid for collecting herbs or other items from the marsh.

Marsh tower The tower could provide a natural dungeon trawl developed to suit the experience and skills of the party.

Forest of fear Who will investigate the mysterious disappearance of travellers in the nearby woods. What is the cause? Are elves bewitching travellers or is something more sinister going on?

Guild quest. Bounty hunters wanted. Expedition guards for a trip to Forochel required. Investigations into the smugglers are needed by those unconnected to the town.


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