A sudden case of gas

In the last session, the weary party arrived at Caras Celairnen (S: Town on Brilliant water). Founded on a rocky hill on the banks of th river Lhun, it is surrounded by extensive fens, and has ear to the Westron name of Lampwater.

Soon after arrival Jeremiah manages to find a buyer for the weapons they had transported from the tower near Culwic. True to his word he pays the adventurers for their services and suggests that he might seek them out later, should he need another caravan of goods guarding. So it is, flush with coin, an elf and two dwarves head back to the inn.

On passing through a square, they are stopped by a litter covered in white fabrics. The litter stops in front of the companions, and although the occupant is hidden from view they feel an intensity of examination emanating from the occupant. After a moment the party are requested by a mellifluous voice to come closer. With caution the party approached the bier where the curtain is drawn back to reveal a feminine form covered in head to toe in rich white fabrics. The occupants tells the companions that she has heard that a frog idol she has been seeking is located in the nearby swamp. She is engaging adventurers to hunt for the idol and return it to her.

Aware that others may already be closing in on the prize the party set about trying to recruit a guide for what they term a fishing trip. Indeed, Limolas’ preoccupation with fishing takes over and they spend time buying nets to support the “pretence”. Unfortunately, they appear to be last in the queue as the only guide is a broken nosed Riverman called Upålitelige. His demands appear steep, but the party manage to keep him on board with beer and food during the negotiations. Initially, he guides them well and apart from an encounter with one of the adventuring party  which proves hostile the party are not led astray. Using safe paths the party arrive at a place called the hill of the Oracle by their guide. Curious the party decide to explore this site as the dwarves in the party point out it is some caves what else would they do? Soon the party find themselves in trouble as they begin to hallucinate due to the underground gases. Pick is the worst affected with delusions of having discovered an ancient Dwarven kingdom. Thankfully, both Limolas and Dagaard manage to drag Pick from the caves before any further damage is done.


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