Where it all falls down

Heaving decided that night fall is not the time to open mysterious sarcophagi, the party retire to the more comfortable surrounds of the bedroom below. Denig determines that the dried herb they found in the room is a restorative and the party spend time exploring the delights of smoking using a hookah.

Refreshed after a night’s rest, the heroes set about investigating the sarcophagi. The gold leaf decorated funerary boxes have faces that and figures that are more suggestive of elves than men. Denig prays for wisdom about the nature of what lies within and has the sense of evil from two and nothing from the third. In response, the party decide to open the third. The moment that the lid is begun to be pulled open Dagaard, who has been watching the remaining two tombs, warns of that two mummies have emerged.

Battle is quickly joined in the small confines of the tower dome. Fulton is hard-pressed by a mummy brandishing a falchion and Denig comes quickly to his aid wielding a glowing Holy broadsword. The dwarves take on the second mummy holding a flail. It is the dwarves and whose blows make the most difference, although it has to be said Dagaard does most of the damage. Soon the flail bearing mummy is a pile of bandages and bones.

The second set of combatants are not fairing so well. Fulton receives a thrust to his side from the mummy’s first strike and is forced to withdraw to the level below bleeding. Denig becoming the next target suffers broken ribs before the dwarves can come to his aid. Unfortunately, Pick is knockdown and Denig’s inept blow causes his sword to shatter in burst of eldritch energies. Only Dagaard is able to press the mummy and fortunately, his hammer blows are victorious again.

Holding his broken ribs, Denig follows Fulton’s blood trail down the stairs to find the sailor unconscious. Having healed the sailor, he sets about imploring the spirit of the rock to heal himself and his companions. Restored the final sarcophagus remains to be searched.

Cautiously, they draw back the lid and the tower room is flooded in a sea blue light. Within the casket is a heart-shaped stone that glows with the essence of the sea. It is bounded by crimson setting of some sort of crystal that pulse in a counter balance to the main heart of the stone. After checking for traps, Denig reaches in a removes the stone from the casket. The room begins to shake.

Stonework crashes. The room begins to sway. The heroes make for the stairs as the ceiling gives way. They race down the stairs. Falling masonry causes injuries. The pell mell flight is halted when they arrive at the floating floor. As the tower collapses around them, they debate how to bridge the gap to the floor below. There is no anchor point for the rope. There appears to be no escape without a perilous leap. Denig, as a stone man, volunteers to hold the rope while the others climb to safety. He feel’s his 400lb body won’t be held by the others.

Grateful for his sacrifice, his companions climb down to continue their escape. Without stopping to check if he follows they continue to race down stairs. Suddenly, a massive fall of masonry knock Fulton unconscious. The dwarves , drag the inert form of Fulton. More debris batters them. Pick’s arm is broken and Dagaard is badly bruised. In the hall of genies they notice that shapes holding up the columns are fading and becoming more of a fluid elemental form as the Maia are released from the enchantment that bound them. Finally, breathing heavily, they escape out of the door as the tower collapses downwards and sideways in a hail of stones, dust and sand.

As the dust begins to settle, a dark shadow falls on the heavily breathing dwarves lying in the sand. They look up to see Denig’s stone form floating down through the swirls of dust. Amazed, there is an exchange as to how this has come to be. It appears, that at the last moment, Denig had remembered a rune scroll from the Dwarven ruins that allowed him to fly.

Having spent some time being healed of wounds, the adventurers spend half an hour searching the ruins for any obvious items that could be salvaged, finding none they begin the journey back to the village.

At the village, there is a great celebration when the news of the death of the Ogre and the fall of the tower is relayed by Fulton. The heroes are rewarded with 4 doses of Lestagii foraged by the villagers in thanks.

The journey home is uneventful but for the dwarves first experience of oliphants. Having safely returned to Duslan the party spend the winter months in the port as Captain Reiss will not put out to sea with the winter winds against him.


3 thoughts on “Where it all falls down

  1. Sounds like fun. One would have thought that the rest of the party would retreat to the exit and wait for Denig to grab the stone. The collapse of the tower should have been obvious, right?


  2. Sounds like a great session. I feel the collapse of the tower is predictable in hindsight, but not as obvious in play. Would putting the heart stone back have stopped collapse? In that case, they could have bought themselves time to plan for the collapse.


  3. Well, I thought there were enough clues scattered in the game. But who knows? The storyteller’s tale. The floating section of the tower. The bound Maia in the chamber of genies holding the pillars. The pulsing sea blue of the heart (incidentally I still don’t think they’ve worked out what it is).

    I have to say I did use the collapsing tower as a fitting end. Then again, they nearly lost the battle with the mummies and but for a few dice rolls the other way that could have been a TPK. It was always meant to be an escape with peril. I knew Denig had the fly rune from a previous game and wondered how the player would use it (I was prepared to send a reminder note). It took the moment of crisis for him to remember and I don’t think they had paid attention as the players kept talking about going back to loot the tower once they had been to the top. They even worked out there was a magical device that had elements scattered in the tower. They’ll never know what that did now.

    No, they couldn’t put it back and stop it my ruling the original didn’t say either way. Although I did give it that Raiders of the Lost Ark moment of :- Pause. Phew. Oh no here we go!


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