Taure Rana

A bit of a change in tone. I’m taking a break from running the game. Firstly, so I can avoid GM burnout. Second, so that I can work on the next section of the story arc, which was getting a bit last minute. Finally, it gives the other players who have all been GMs a chance to remember what its like on the other side of the screen. So within these posts I’m going to write a personal diary from my character in the game.

Meet Taure Rana (Bre: Wood Wanderer) a Silvan elf of Mirkwood. Dressed in typical elven traveller gear the youthful (for an elf) mopes around the fringes of civilisation like a hormonally challenged teenager; not here to do any work, but they are here to keep an eye on what is going on around the fringes of Mirkwood for their master.

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