A long time ago in a galaxy far away…..

Well that’s how the story goes. After more than a  decade of not being part of any regular roleplaying game let alone a MERP adventure. We finally decided that with some of us now closer in location and family/work commitments being less that it was time to start again. A select gathering of three every 3 months or so shouldn’t be too onerous. It could be fun to relive some old adventures and times. A chance to create so fantastic stories and tales that can be told down the pub much to the bemusement of those who haven’t played a roleplaying game (somethings don’t change).

This blog will contain numerous resources. Primarly, it will be a summary log of the game sessions. Detailing how the characters responded to various challenges and providing a handy reference point for us as players.  A supplementary role will be to act as a repository of all our game material. So eventually you will find our adventures and campaign materials. If you look closely enough you will see how often we depart from the script.


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  1. I’ve been using old MERP supplements to give more depth and background to the campaign I’ve started running of The One Ring. I’m playing between the Battle Of Five Armies and Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday (default setting for the game) and I’m finding the depth of information in those supplements amazing.


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