Adventures in Ered Luin

Eredluin1Why a collection of adventures? I need to keep a track of what has happened that is accessible to the players. After years of not playing and the rest of life, the speed of recall is falling away. Hence an online record.
Why Ered Luin? Well quite frankly its the one bit of Middle Earth neither of my playing companions have had access to through being GMs or playing with me. There are plenty of opportunities for Mannish adventures in Numeriador. Intrigues linking to Arthedain and Angmar. Lost Dwarven realms, ancient Dunedain dwellings and perhaps the odd raiding Orc party to lend a touch of evil.
Add to this the debatable lands to the west, and soon you have a world of opportunity. Forests which hide Elvish kingdoms, the wild wastes of Forodowaith. Lost artifacts and renegades all with the potential for wilderness settings.
First though we will start off with the information held withing “Rogues of the Borderlands”. A comfortable setting to traverse and find my feet playing one game every other month or so.