The Princess and the Frog Prince


This adventure has been designed to present a challenge for adventurers from level 3-6. The aim is to provide within the framework of Middle Earth and wilderness dungeon trawl. It is based on the award-winning “Challenge of the Frog prince statue” by Dyson Logos. Whilst keeping true to the overall idea of the adventure; the challenges and encounters have been changed to make it fit with Middle Earth canon and the geography of Caras Celairnen.

In the mists of time, the Alabaster lady (Nimarwen) wandered under the canopy of stars after the birth of Arda. Sundered from her kin she learnt to sing from the Kelvar and did not learn Elven or mortal tongue until many ages had passed. At the dawning of the sun, she first laid eyes upon one of the first mortal men and was enchanted by him. Edananar and the Nimarwen plighted troth with each other but before they could be wed they were sundered. In the wars that followed Edananar sought to return to Nimarwen but was bewitched and turned into a frog.

In the destruction of Beleraind, after the first age, Edananar was lost to Nimarwen. Throughout the ages, she has searched for her one true love, and now she may have found him. Living in the small townport of Caras Celairnen for many years Nimarwen has used the trading network to search for signs of her lost love. She has been surprised to hear recent reports from the nearby marshes that there is a cave where a stone frog was heard to speak. She is now employing as many adventurers as her substantial funds can sustain to send adventurers into the swamp to search for the statue and return it to her.


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