Main Characters in the Princess and the Frog Prince


alabasterNimarwen, also known as the Alabaster Lady by the most of the locals of Caras Celairnen and the white witch by others, dwells in one of the trade estate houses on the mount of the town. She is never seen without being fully covered in pristine white.  Thus many do not realise she is indeed a Silvan elf. Throughout her years dwelling among men she has perpetuated a myth that an Alabaster Lady is selected and trained in secret; each generation subsequently taking on the mantle of the great trading house.

To the players, Nimarwen will appear detached and aloof, as she indeed does to most of the population. She travels around the town on a litter born adorned in white muslin and silks when she has need of being seen but is equally adept at slipping through crowds in disguise.

What drives Nimarwen is to find her beloved and release him from the enchantment that binds him. To this she has been patient, building a trading network with links across Middle Earth. The result of this longevity is that the network generates a considerable income. More in fact, than can be revealed in Caras Celairnen. Nimarwen, of course, has no real need for this wealth but instead rewards those who bring information, her de factos, and to expand the network.

Should the adventurers release Edananar along with his wedding gifts back to Nimarwen then she will be most grateful and could prove to be a useful benefactor. Of course, the restoration of Edananar will be bittersweet as no she will have only a limited number of years to live with her one true love.


EdanaarEdananar was once a vigorous fair-haired man of the sun, who awakening and following the sun came upon Nimarwen in the twilight of the first age. Bewitched by an elf who was perverted by Morgoth, Edananar became a frog in a swamp and for a while lost all knowledge of his heritage or love. During the destruction of Morgoth though, his form and spirit became entrapped in a small statue of a frog, which was subsequently buried in the swamp. Recently the marsh has given up the statue and Edananar sits within a marshy bower where he has tried to communicate with the odd Riverman fishing in the swamp.

To be released Edanar required the wedding gifts that he was carrying to Nimarwen before his transformation. He knows that one is guarded on a floating island and the other within a labyrinth of thorns but is unable to provide exact locations within the swamp. He also knows that the party will need to collect these in a magic basket of holding, which is currently being used as a boat by the Nixies in the marsh (you may wish to aid with locating this lake). He will encourage the adventurers to seek these out before they return him to Nimarwen.

Upålitelige – A swamp guide

Upålitelige is a Riverman who lives in the crude encampment towards the causeway. His features are coarse and rugged, a set of crooked and be-gapped teeth suggest more than one encounter with someone’s fist as does his poorly set nose. The wiry almost gaunt form does not indicate that he is a gifted pugilist instead they intimate blows of rejection. He is more than eager to act as a guide into the depths of the marsh, perhaps too keen given everyone else’s reticence.  Although he will show some early knowledge of the near paths, enough to get the party near to the frog statue, he will soon lose the path leaving the PCs stranded and alone in the marsh.

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