Settings for Princess and the Frog

For the purpose of the adventure, there is little need for detailed access to the locations. These can be found in the developing gazeteer.

Caras Celairnen

The townport of Caras Celairnen is founded on a small trading outpost built into a rocky outcrop by the river Lhun. It provides a useful trading point between the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, the Kingdom of Arthedain and the lands of Mithlond. In reality there are more direct and easier trade routes between these kingdoms but now with Angmar to the North and the collapse of Cardolan Caras Celairnen has become more prominent as a safe trade route.

The town has many distinct features, not least the barge-port cave and the impressive causeway and bridge created by the dwarves when the town was first founded by the Elves of Lindon. In addition, to these feats of engineering, the mainly Dundan influenced population have reclaimed some of the surrounding swamp through the use of dykes and a canal network.

The town has been granted a charter by Arthedain and the town Lord is appointed from a half-elf blood line by the elves of Lindon. The current Lord is Bregol who has been involved in more than one illegal act in the recent past (not that this is common knowledge and a whole different adventure). More information on the town can be found in the gazeteer.


Roll Rumour
1 Bergol the Lord Provost has several Haradaic Mistresses
2 There are caves outside the city where one can see the future
3 A Ghoul haunts the dwarf road to the North( Men I Lhun).
4 In the mount there are secret passages with hidden treasures.
5 A secret gladiator arena runs special combats. The prize for fighting and surviving is 100GP.
6 Beneath the swamps are unmapped caverns of an ancient dwarven kingdom
7 Malestir the half elf will return soon to take up the historic lordship of the town.
8 Some nobles in Arthedain are planning to overthrow the king.
9 Dwarven gold is turning to lead (false)
0 Elven gem stones can be bought from Gimnas the dwarf (false they are imitation).


The swamp marsh formed by waters from the lazy Uialduin being pushed back by the much stronger currents of the tidal Lhun are found to the north of Caras Celairnen and stretch  some twenty miles upriver to the foothills of the Evendim.

The marshes are ever shifting and a dangerous place, a few hardy Rivermen transport goods up the ever shifting Uialduin, and even venture into the marsh, but it is rare for the towns folk to venture much beyond the reclaimed land of the dykes.  The Celairnen is a vibrant habitat for varied flora and fauna most of which is harmless, but with the blights and the evil of Angmar other less pleasant creatures have begun to creep into the remotest parts of the marsh.

Tol Lammenfirith (Isle of muted voices)

uk11-341_glastonbury_tor_from_ham_wall_at_dawn_somerset123To the east of the Men Lhun running Northwards from Caras Celairnen still within the bounds of the swamp stands a towered complex. Within these walls live scholars and seers who are devoted to preserving the wisdom of the Dunadan against the destruction by the Witch King. Eregdur is the master of the order should the players decide to visit. However, since the library is not concerned with the swamp they will gain no additional information.

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