Story arc for the Princess and the Frog Prince


The adventurers will be in one of the town’s many squares when they catch sight of the Alabaster Lady’s litter. Whether the party is known by previous deeds or because they look like a bunch of likely adventurers is as needs fit, but the end result is that they are requested to approach the litter.

Depending on your players’ motivation they will be asked to recover the statue for a reward or be told of the tale of sundered lovers and the princess and the frog.

Long ago there lived the daughter of a great lord who loved a fine prince from a neighbouring kingdom. Both pledged to marry, but the stepmother of the Prince was jealous of the beauty of the princess and bewitched the prince transforming him into a golden statue of a frog. Horrified, the princess wept tears so great that they formed Celairnen and in the process sinking her betrothed’s trapped form beneath the swamp. In sorrow, the princess fled the mortal realms never to return. But it is said that should the prince be released from his enchantment he will grant the wealth of his kingdoms to be united with his beloved.  I have heard rumour of such a statue being seen on a floating raft somewhere in the swamp. I am engaging any hardy adventurer I can find to search the marsh of the golden statue and return it to me. There will be a sizeable finder’s fee should they succeed.

The PC can choose to accept in which case they will need to return the frog to her residence on the rock. Nimarwen will not reveal how many other groups are searching, (but you can set your number dependent upon the level of challenge you wish).

If the PC ask about where in the swamp, they will only be told to the north. If they ask for help, then one of the litter bearers will suggest a guide in the Riverman’s camp in a sardonic manner. In reality, apart from Upålitelige, no-one will be prepared to guide a group of adventurers into the swamps. Seeking local knowledge will at least reveal the swamp path causeways exist. However, there are no maps of them and no one will wish to reveal their secrets.


The players are doomed to wander through swamps filled with encounters of varying levels of peril. A degree of menace should be included in the descriptions of the swamp. Choosing weather conditions that emphasise the dreariness of the marsh and add to the mystery should always be kept in mind.

Depending on the level of challenge needed the balance of encounters can be tweaked, but the tables in the Encounters section can be used as a general guide. As a general rule this can be taken as an open-air dungeon trawl with the all the creatures having a real reason for being located in a swamp.


The conclusion of the adventure is the restoration of Edananar to Nimarwen as a whole man with his wedding dowry. The party will be bestowed with gifts that match not only their talents but also their interests. As a GM these should be matched to the level of the party and the balance of your game.

If the players decide to just content themselves with bringing back the frog statue, then the rewards will be a matter of gold. There is the opportunity then to contact the adventurers again and get them to complete the task when Nimarwen has spoken with Edananar’s frog form. With the former resolution, but the party could still refuse, a modest reward of between 2-5GP should keep the party happy.

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