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His long blonde hair flowing down his back, the elf glided into the room. Despite the inn being lost in the wilderness of Ered Luin’s foothills, his well-tailored clothes are immaculately turned out. He smiles broadly to the room as he drops his fishing gear into a pot by the door. “Greetings, barkeep a bottle of fine wine and if your cook could prepare these fine fish, I would be most grateful.” he drawls mellifluously. Passing a basket to the barkeep he drops into a chair by the fire. Elegantly, tooled boots deftly pull a stool close and he props his feet to warm by the fire. “Of course sir, that will be 3 bronze pieces but as you brought the fish I will take a quarter of the price off. So I will add 5 bronze to your bill”, the Innkeeper replies. “Why you are most kind!”, replies Limolas, grinning inanely. The innkeeper retires with the basket to the kitchen muttering “Idiot!” under his breath.

Limolas a Silvan elf from the woods of Harlindon. A skilled in hunter, he is more interested in clothes and appearance. He has travelled over the Blue mountains to find treasure to enhance his look. His clan were probably relieved at his decision to leave.


Earnestly, the craggy featured dwarf, his white beard obscuring his words, drones on about the wonders to be discovered in the deeps under the mountains. “..for it is only when a Khazud becomes one with the rock does he truly know the mind of the Seven Fathers,” he says coming to a halt. He shifts in his chair, chain shirt tinkling in a soft cascade, to draw a long draught from his mug of ale. His companion makes to move from his seat. “….and so,’ he continues. The unfortunate sits again, too polite to get up and leave and unable to move to another group of customers.

Pick is a Firebeard Dwarf from the Northern Blue Mountains. He is a stout warrior who is interested in exploring the deep places. He has travelled south to seek out new deep places to explore.


Legend of the Ice Caves

Snow and Subterfuge

A Road Less Travelled

An Unexpected Sighting

A Sudden Case of Gas

Gone Fishing

A Frog he Would a Wooing Go

Into the Mist

The Squelching Dead

Into the Woods

I Can’t see the Woods for the Trees



Meet the party


“I see your stake and I raise you 1 gold piece.” grins the diminutive hobbit, brown eyes sparkling. There is a chorus of groans from around the gaming table, as many players throw down cards in disgust. Only an implacable elf retains his hands. Cooly, the elf throws a gleaming gold coin onto the large pile in the middle of the table, followed by another. “Call” Small hands shuffle cards nervously before Billwise lays out a perfect full house. “I believe, the game is mine!” he says, a wide smile stretching across his face. “So it would be” replies the elf, ” if it were not for the fact that you have taken that ace from up your sleeve.” The hobbit’s grin fades as eight pairs of angry eyes turn on him, “Ah, gentleman it has been a pleasure”. Hands like lightening snatch gold coins from the table. The Hobbit disappears beneath the table. The sound of steel sliding from scabbards. A flash of daylight from the door and the thief is gone.

Billwise is a Harfoot Hobbit with a rather strange mix of character. Whilst loving the risk of the gambling table, he is far more cautious in combat. Perhaps it is his diminutive size, but he prefers to try and shoot arrows at foes rather than get caught in the bustle of combat. That is until he realises he is not getting a clear shot on anything and then he use is considerable speed and agility to outflank opponents and deliver a nasty surprise.

Ambush in the Wilderness

Conspiracy in the Mists

Elvellon Manor (shard 1)

Character death – Farewell Limolas lost beneath the ruins of Elvellon manor.

Meet the Party


The scout moves stealthily through the undergrowth towards the firelight glowing in the trees. To one side of the clearing, a heavy horse shifts nervously, the scout pauses counting his breaths. There is no movement from the figure sat beside the fire. Silently, the scout moves closer; wanting a better view. The figure throws another log onto the fire causing it to flare. The flames suddenly illuminate the stone figure before him. The scout gasps in fear. A troll!

Denig is a Dunlending Shaman who, through a mishap with a potion, has stone skin. Whilst this is immensely useful for deflecting blows, it does make normal social interactions tricky. This has been further exacerbated by his being held by goblins and orcs under the Misty Mountains for a number of years and so he will frequently swear in Orcish.


Out of the mists a rider on a white horse appeared. Her hair glowed golden in the weak sunlight that was pierced the thin white veil as if it was desperate to illuminate only her fairness. The Orcs grinned at each other, even though the sun had made their legs wobble. Only one lone helpless human female. Fresh meat!

The lone Orc hauled himself painfully underneath a small rocky out crop away from the rising sun. It seemed in possible that a band of Orcs should be defeated by a lone human female. How had that been?

A Rhohirrim healer, the devastatingly beautiful Ydal has travelled far and wide on her horse helping those in need. You underestimate her at your peril.

Down the Hobbit Hole Pt 1

Down the Hobbit Hole pt 2

Down the Hobbit Hole pt 3

The Holly and the Ivy

Enemy Mine!

The Dark Tower

Mazzar baraju/Amzardûm Jöruvalla Part 3

Beware of the Librarian Jöruvalla Part 4

Return of the Librarian: Jöruvalla Part 5

Meet the Party

Fulton Baines

His dark hair flowing in the wind, Fulton Baines stares out across the rolling waves. His intense, deep, brown eyes scan the horizon and note the rising wall of dark clouds. “Never fear lads we’ve faced worse.” he cries with a broad smile on his handsome face and a twinkle in his eyes. “And we will face worse again! Now reef those sails and batten down the hatches lets ride the sea mare and trust to Ulmo’s grace.” 

So saying he scrambles lithely up the rigging and with his crewmates begins to haul in sail in preparation for the storm.

Fulton is a sailor on one of the Alabaster Lady’s ships. Ulmo’s beard is a fine merchant clipper built for speed and running messages down the coast with a small amount of cargo. 

Charming and witty he is the entertainer of the ship’s crew; always ready with a joke or an amusing anecdote. He can sing well but it is his stage presence that really makes the crowd sit up and pay attention

Sun, Sea and Sangria?

The Coral Tower part 1

Where it all falls down

Meet the Party


The docks bustled around him; locals wary of the dark-haired foreigner who had travelled in with the latest desert caravan. His grey eyes stared wistfully at the ships in the dock. His only hope for escaping this blazing desert realm is to find a ship seeking a deck-hand. Even now the siren call of the sea was pulling him back to his natural home. How he had come to be marooned in the desert is a long tale to be told from the comfort of a berth on a ship. Dusting off his grey and red striped leggings he swings his pack over his shoulder and heads over to the ships.

Aerandir is a half-elf sea ranger born to sail on the high-seas. He is seeking escape from deserts of Far Harad where adventure and misfortune have marooned him from the sea he loves.

Island of the Giants part 1

Finger Lickin’ good.

Character Death Farewell Pick crushed into the ceiling by a trap in the complex of the Island of Giants.

This way a dark madness lies

Lightning doesn’t strike twice. Does it?

Where have all the children gone?

The Blue Monkey and a Lion.

An’ I earn my livin’ oot o’ the sea.

Murder most foul (Mutasaliq Eali)

Act casual but not too casual (Mutasaliq Eali)

The Night of the Long Knives

One Does Not Merely…

Wadi Aldabab Alkhafii

Tashkil nar (The forge of fire)

Jazirat Alburunz – Landfall

Jazirat Alburunz – Seven sleeps

Jazirat Alburunz – Birdman

Sanctuary – Jazirat Alburunz part 4