I am asking myself “Why are you spending time writing up a summary of an adventure?”. Heaven knows I don’t have that much time on my hands and should be doing something useful, like sleeping. The truth is I’m not sure. I know I want to keep track of the course of the adventures I run, memory is fading and handwritten notes have a habit of disappearing in the next round of wifley tidying. I know that after years of not being able to play I want to encourage

Yes my rule book has this cover. Shame it is tattered as someone is prepared to pay a fortune of an unused one.

others to get together and socialise over a problem such as the Troll next door, rather than what school to send their kids to or the latest holiday.

There is also the obvious point that the game system we are using is so archaic that players are paying in the tens and hundreds of pounds to buy second-hand modules I’ve kept in my loft. We will be playing using Middle Earth Roleplay (MERP) system.  I am in possession of rarities! But more importantly, a great game system has been dropped from general use. True the Rolemaster(RM) system is the steroid boosted child of MERP, but although RM gives you a greater reality it can come at the expense of the simple joy of a character and that agreement between player and GM that it is about the story not just about the rules.  So in a way I am doing archaeology for tabletop gaming and perhaps reviving a lost art.
Finally, the within the blog I’m thinking of keeping some details of the actual games played rather than the summaries. As a result, there should be a few adventures and campaign resources for anyone else still using MERP and also for those who run games in Middle Earth.